Monday, December 27, 2010

30 Days of Creativity-Register Today!

Calling all creatives!
Beginning January 10, 2010, this ArtsEd blog will host 30 Days of Creativity!

What if you chose to create something every day for 30 days.  You are busy, teaching, growing the minds of others, but what about your creative self?

Join us here for 30 Days of Creativity.  Take the next 30 Days (starting January 10) and create something…visual arts, music, dance, drama, writing…anything goes!  Post a comment describing your creations or a link to your blog.

Post when you can, connect when you can.  Let’s develop a place where we can support the unique journey’s of educators who work in the arts.  Sharing ideas and focusing on a creative activity each day, supports our inner-creative lives.  This enhances our teaching and ability to understand others need to make meaning through creative activities.

Respond to this message via email to and you will be added to the list.  An email will be sent to you each day with a reminder to comment and share here on this ArtsEd blog.

Explore your creativity and share your ideas with others!

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