Monday, January 10, 2011

30 Days of Creativity~Day 1

Are you ready? Let's get creative!

Each day I will send you a post from this blog. Comment in the area below the post and let us know how you spent some time creating or add your blog link in the Mr. Linky area provided!

Remember that creativity means something different to everyone. The purpose of 30 Days of Creativity is to connect with others who wish to observe how creativity fits into their day. Feel free to ask questions and give your views on what it means to you to be creative.

Also, each day I will give you a short activity. When you have one of those days where you just don't "feel" creative, you can try one of the activities to get your thinking charged. Share what you discover!

If you have a blog or a link to your photos, feel free to add it in the comment area.

Activity: Word Play! Write a sentence that describes you. Change the words around in the sentence. Read each new sentence aloud to yourself. What do you notice?

Example: I create works of Visual Art.
I work on visual art creations. I visualize work creatively. Creating is visual art...I work. Visual Arts creates work (for) I (me). Of I, works visual, create art. Working, I create visual art.


  1. I teach visual art thinking to children.
    I visually teach art thinking to children.
    I think I teach visual art to children.
    Children teach me visual art thinking.

  2. Love it!...the word "thinking" really changes up the statements:)

  3. I enjoy seeing the beauty in everyday things around me!
    The beauty in (and) around me sees everyday things. I enjoy.
    Things I enjoy seeing, around me everyday in the beauty.
    Everyday, the things in and around me enjoy seeing beauty.
    Beauty I see in everyday things. Around me I enjoy.
    Enjoy ... I see the everyday things around me in beauty.

  4. i am loving daily walks in nature.
    Loving nature i am daily walks.
    Daily, I am walking in nature love.

  5. I find myself humming or singing when I am being creative.
    Creative being I find myself singing or when I am humming.
    being creative or when I am humming I find myself singing
    humming or being creative when I am singing I find myself

  6. Ana, so glad that you are getting out to see the nature that you have missed all of the hours in an office:)

    Joy, finding yourself while humming and singing...:)

  7. This was fun, I had my students help me with my original sentence. (They labeled me eccentric, I think that is a complement!?!?!)

  8. HA! You are wonderfully eccentric:) I do believe they know and love you!


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