Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 Days of Creativity~Day 4


Activity: Take one full minute to stop and listen. List out all that you hear. What do you notice?

Create,Create, Create! What are you working on today?  Tell us in the comments below or add your link in the Mr. Linky box below:


  1. whole minute. I'm here on the sofa, with Annie by my side. She's needing a little extra attention the past day or two. The clock is ticking, and the traffic in the distance calls to me "...better go ahead and get in the shower ... gotta get to work early today ... " I'm hungry, and my body is stiff, ready to get moving. The warm water and steam will help my joints and muscles prepare for the day. Better get going ~

  2. I hear...
    boots in the hall, lockers slamming, children's voices, a teacher getting her class ready for the hall, a child growling (lol), snow pants crinkling, a bell jingling, a child reading, someone saying "ewwww...", melting snow dripping on the roof, an adult directing a child to the playground, someone asking "what is hot lunch today?" I believe that was a minute. Can you tell I'm a teacher?

  3. (walking in the snow...silently)...I heard..the lake whooshing, my dog "poofing" her feet in the deep, sifting snow, the quiet "sizzle" of the icy flakes hitting the drifts, cars in the distance, the buzz of the street lamps...mostly, I felt the wonder of those lovely, big snowflakes:)


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