Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Days of Creativity~Day 10

Noticing...Snowflak, wondering about miracles

When someone says to me “There is no magic or miracles in this world.” I think about snowflakes.

If each one is unique, and each is intricately beautiful, how are they made? And when the snow blankets the yard…there are billions of them. How can this be?

So…I say, yes, there are miracles and magic…and wonder and mysteries every day. We just need to take a moment to notice and believe.

Snowflakes…little miracles.

What are you noticing today? Post a comment or your link below:


  1. Hmmm...wonder where you got this idea? ;^)

  2. HA!! Thanks for the thoughtful idea, Dani:) LOVING your snowflakes!


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