Monday, February 7, 2011

30 Days of Creativity~Day 27

Nature by Numbers (click to see the video)

While we are observing...we can be contemplating the complexity of it all. This video integrates math, art, science and nature wonderfully.

What are you noticing as you look deeper into your own creative complexities? It has been 28 days of this on-line focus. What do you think each time you see the daily "30 Days of Creativity" in your email box?


  1. Crazy!!! That is sooo technical and I am sooo not! I know that to draw a nautilous(prob. sp!) that those ratios apply, but I never consider it when I draw! I think I can "see" it in my head and not think about it in such an analytical way, but simply transfer it to paper visually. My husband is the opposite, he would get out a compass and ruler and make sure it was precise. We both could accomplish the task, just different ways of seeing! Creative either way!
    (PS...I get excited when I see the new post email!)

  2. I can totally relate! I find it fascinating how many, varied ways we can be creative!

    Thanks for staying with another 30 days! It is refreshing to see your comments each time, Dani!


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