Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Days of Creativity~Day 30

30 Days of Creativity! Time to celebrate!

Let us know here how you plan to celebrate your final day.

Did you create something that you can share here? Have you made an intentional commitment to create every day? Are you noticing the creativity that is in you more and more? Whatever it is...if you are reading this, and have read even some of the blog posts, you are aware of the creative journey you are on.

Take the time to celebrate and enjoy the commitment you made to yourself to create!

So good to be with you all...I am off to do the 30 Days of Creativity celebration dance:)


  1. I had a blast! Got a little behind in posting my creations, so now I have homework for the weekend! Thanks Susan, for orchestrating this again!

  2. Enjoy your creative homework! Feel free to post your site when you take new pictures!

    Thanks for keeping connected...your enthusiasm is wonderful!


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